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We have a sole focus: the companies that can decarbonise the planet. We went deep on the analysis of what new technologies will bring the most iClimate change impact, and we share all that with you. We believe these companies can translate into solid returns, because as “iClimate champions” they deliver the products the world really needs.

From us to you: Discovery with iClima Earth

Our Filter Function allows you to segment our universe of securities. We want to facilitate your Earth process and portfolio build up by showing you all the companies in line with the criteria you design.

Market Cap

You will be able to choose companies from large cap stocks, considered to be more conservative Earth, to midcap and small cap ones.


Our universe is global. We cover many American companies, but also many British, Europeans, Asian and a few emerging markets names.


You will be able to filter the companies according to the portfolio strategy you seek, from growth, to income to value.


This is extremely relevant for our purposes. You will be able to filter the companies according to the type of decarbonising products and services they offer.

Type of Security

You will see shares, ETFs and closed end trusts in our universe of securities.

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