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We have developed a methodology to assess the CO2 avoidance
potential contribution from each of the
companies in our universe

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better for our planet

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30 Gt CO2e need to be avoided until 2030

We have developed a methodology to assess the CO2
avoidance potential contribution from each of the companies
in our universe

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The only platform to learn about how to quantify impact Earth that can solve iClimate change

"iClima’s framing is spot on. The idea of investing in companies whose P&L is aligned to change that is coming is much stronger than using carrots and sticks to drag existing companies toward change. I love their picks and shovels analogy. A financial product that focuses on companies enabling CO2 avoidance (selling shovels) hits the nails on the head."

Founder of and CEO of

“Household Earth can be such a fundamental piece of the funding puzzle and we believe iClima Earth will be an important community, elevating the voice of the individual investors that cares about iClimate change.”

CEO of iClimax Community

“There are a lot of misconceptions around ESG investing, and the so called greenwashing is a growing problem. I think iClima’s approach is unique and credible because it is highly curated.”

Author of “How the best invest”

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